CUA30915 - Certificate III in Music Industry

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There are 4 core units:
BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
CUACMP301 Implement copyright arrangements
CUAIND303 Work effectively in the music industry
CUAMLT302 Apply knowledge of style and genre to music industry practice
There are 10 elective units:
CUAMPF202 Incorporate music technology into performance
CUAMPF203 Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music
CUAMCP301 Compose simple songs or musical pieces
CUAMCP303 Develop Simple Musical Pieces Using Electronic Media
CUAMPF302 Prepare for performances
CUAMPF301 Develop technical skills in performance
CUAMPF302 Prepare for performances
CUAMPF304 Make a music demo
CUAIND201 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge
CUAMLT201 Develop and apply musical ideas and listening skills
CUAMPF201 Play or sing simple musical pieces
If you want to enrol in a unit that is not listed above please email